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"Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus..."

Romans 8:1

A Word from Our Directors

On behalf of our staff and board of directors, welcome to A Chance to Thrive International. At CTI, we serve women and girls facing crisis pregnancies in Moldova and, now, Pakistan. We understand where these women have been, accept where they are, and hope to build a brighter future for them and their children. CTI is working earnestly to bring God's love to our beneficiaries. Won't you please join us as we give vulnerable children and families a chance to thrive?

Richard Swallows

CTI Founder & Director

     Moldova is a small country in Eastern Europe wedged between Romania and Ukraine. The vestiges of Communism, widespread corruption, and economic depression have led 1.5 million Moldovans to leave the country to find employment elsewhere. More than 170,000 children and youth have been left behind, mired in poverty and devoid of guidance.

     For this group, sex education is virtually nonexistent. Mental and emotional stress is high, and there is a growing sense of isolation. Young people cope the best they can but often make poor, uninformed choices. Over the last ten years, Moldova has realized a 19% increase in pregnancy rates among women under twenty; in 2011 unwed mothers accounted for 46.7% of all births in this age bracket. The state allowance for small children is a meager $22 per month.

     Plagued by such dire emotional and economic turmoil, Moldovan women all too often feel their only option is early pregnancy termination or child abandonment. CTI's goal is to provide life-affirming hope and help to Moldovan mothers so that each crisis pregnancy ends in life for the child and the creation of a strong family foundation that gives both mother and child a greater chance to thrive.

Source: Annual Social Report 2011/Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family, Chisinau 2012

Where is Moldova, and Why Are We There?